"Synth-heavy, R&B-flavored Pop-Jazz with a cosmic slant. Lyrics refer to Atlantis, "the Crystal City," and other topics not often explored in a genre where the focus tends more toward the 'sweet, passionate love' end of the spectrum." Will Y.


"This CD was at the least very complicated to pronounce, the music however, was good. Most of the tracks had a very cosmic vibe to them. El Annunaqi as the CD is entitled, is worth listening to at least a couple of times; Out of the thirteen tracks there are a couple that I enjoyed listening and vibing to and the instrumentals were good. This CD is a combination of fusion jazz, with some hip-hop elements to it. The CD was written and produced in its entirety by Nuwaubian Hotep. Pick it up, you may enjoy it."

Tracks: Illyumn in the 19th Galaxy, Grass, Back 2 U, Mother Ninti, Lahamu, The Annunaqi, Nu-Wap, Atlantis, Space & Time, The Spell of Leviathan, Nibiru. 

Reviewed by: Lisa R. Howard


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