Nuwaubian Hotep: 720° / 33rd° TRIPLE TAU ☆

Raahubaat (Greetings),

With music I: Nuwaubian Hotep: 720º/33rdº TRIPLE TAU ╪ have become a master of the ancient Khemetic and spherical sound healing art form known as "Wazufa" and my goal is not just to entertain, but rather to also instruct on a spiritual platform, teaching 720° of a lost and forgotten, highly intricate Wathu' (science) known as Nuwaupuwho's etymological root is the ancient Sumerian term "Nabi" defining a "prophet", who's Semetic extension is the Hebraic word "nabiy'" (Gen 20:7) and the Arabic word "nubuwa" (Quran 3:79).

A scholar and graduate of Five Towns College located in Dix Hills, LI. I am a well-rounded and completely professional musician fusing genres such as jazz, classical, r&b and hip hop into an esoterically soothing sound that some have stated: "originates from the kosmos". A male oracle of serene temperament and stature, existing before names and spoken word, with no beginning nor end,  spiritually belonging to the ancient priesthood of Annu (aka Heliopolis: Gen:41:45).  I am a worshiper of the eternal Sun (Malachi 4:2) from which all life and healing on our planet extends. Who's ancient home is Nuweiba aka Ta-Netjer ("Land of the Gods"). I am the astral traveler who has toured the cosmic known and unknown multiverse, effectively effectuating sight beyond sight!   I have helped many and hopefully my cosmically inspired musical vibrations will leave you tuned, at peace and eternally bliss. How may I help you?

Nefer Maguraj (Good Journey)
Nuwaubian Hotep

Nuk Pu Nuk!
(I AM that I AM!)

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